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Michal Novotný

Understanding your pain and being self-aware of your physical limits is the foundation for sport.


"Nothing is more valuable to me than seeing a patient healed. That is the engine that drives me forward."


I see prevention as the future. Even the ancient Greeks once proclaimed, "Prevent harm first."


"My brain is the software that runs the whole process and is constantly upgrading with new experiences and knowledge. My hands are the tools - the hardware."

About me

“I first started working with Michael while shooting extraction 2. I’d come into the film managing some injuries and was uncertain how my body was going to cope with the intense demand of stunt and action sequences within the film. Thanks to Michael, his knowledge, support and unique training methods. I was not only able to complete all of the physical tasks I had in front of me but also rebuild structural issues and strengthen weak points in my body. The routines and insight he gave me are now an integral part of my daily movement patterns.”

— Chris Hemsworth

“Through my life I have suffered multiple injuries, therefore pain. Michal’s expertise and knowledge of the human body was so insightful and helped me to learn and understand more about my body and how to overcome the pain so I can continue to enjoy my work and the sports I love in my free time. In this book, Michal Novotny will give you multiple tips on how to reduce risk of injury, and how to perform sports in a healthy way.”

— Orlando Bloom

“Michal, You can’t be serious! Your manipulations are… Thanks for all your help with my hips.”

— John McEnroe

“When it comes to fitness training and managing pain, Michael Novotny is one of the wisest and most intuitive people I have ever had the great good fortune to meet. His unique and integral approach to strength and overall body wellness is an absolute revelation.”

— Liev Schreiber

“I am very glad that I could meet someone who has so much experience and knowledge about the human body as Mr. Novotny, nowadays I have met a lot of people who treat only by books, which I do not blame them but it is very noticeable when a person has experience from practice, constantly educates himself, learns new things and can connect more things that build on each other, great respect.”

— Ladislav Krejci

captain sparta praha

“We have been working together for more than two years and I can't praise our cooperation more. Because I think my knee would never be as good as it is if we didn't work together. We have worked not only with manual therapy but also with exercises to improve my hamstring and implemented a diet to promote my healing. From a state where I couldn't start a game for 4 months, we got to a stage where last season I was able to start 52 games which is an incredible number. I am very grateful to Michal and his constant work with me.”

David Hancko

Slovak national team footballer

“When I first heard about Mr. Novotny, it was from a friend who had knee problems and told me he could get me to see him. At the time, I had five knee surgeries in which I didn't have much left; missing cartilage, meniscus, and recurrent inflammation. When I first left Mr. Novotny, he told me he could help me and I was thrilled. After a few hours of work, I knew I would always go to him with any problem. After a year of working with him, I have had no major problems with my knee and we have solved every other problem. I always look forward to my treatment with Mr. Novotny not only because he will help me with my pain but also because I always learn something new about myself. I thank him for everything.”

— Filip Panak

footballer Sparta Praha

"Thank you for being there for me."

Karolina Muchova

tennis player

“I am thrilled to be working with Professor Novotny, as after a severe ankle sprain and ligament tear from the European Basketball Championships, he was able to restore the range of motion and speed up the healing process in three visits thanks to his expert techniques, manipulations, and specific exercises. I recommend Professor Novotny because of his competence, not only after injuries but also when trying to prevent them.”

Tomas Kyzlink

basketball player of the national Czech team

“I met Michal at the beginning of my career and even then had the opportunity to see how skilled and experienced he is in his field of work; he always managed to put my body in order and prepare me for difficult matches that I attended in the Davis Cup… it was interesting to see how he also moved and improved in the profession he is engaged in and wants to be better and better.”

Tomas Berdych

former Czech tennis player

“Michael has a great gift for recognizing where the problem is. He then concentrates on the area of pain and quite often treats it somewhere other than the bed. Probably in my opinion he uses the chakras in the body that suppress the pain of the area where the person has a problem. Then he uses a great technique of pressing with his fingers on different places on the body to make the pain disappear. It's a wonderful technique. There are few people on the planet who can do this. For me, Michal Novotny is a godsend.”

Michal David


In the ever-evolving landscape of sports medicine, my services stand at the intersection of innovation and care, where injury prevention paves the way to better athletic performance and longevity.


Sport is Pain

How do I not get injured while playing sports and heal quickly if it happens?